Devil Be Mine #sixsunday

sixsundayheaderI’ve missed you all!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve allowed this side of myself out to play, but since I can’t seem to get my head into anything but erotica these days, I decided it was time to dust myself off and get back at it.

I’m quite excited that I’ll have a new collection of erotic shorts coming to you in February of 2013 with Evernight Publishing. Yippee!  It’s called I’ll Be Damned.

My six today is from the first story, Devil Be Mine.  These stories all take place over the course of the same evening, all couples from heaven and hell sneaking around a law that keeps them apart.

I slid my hand along Micah’s throat, gripped his hair and yanked his face down for a kiss while he grunted his pleasure into my mouth.  “Come with me, angel boy.”

I took his hand and led him to the shackles, his steps heavy and languid, signs that I had already satisfied him as much as he pleased me.  “Hold still, lover.”

“I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere.”  His smile blanketed my heart in warmth, a heart that had only known cold before him.

Ah, Micah.  He’s so … heavenly.  *snort*  His surrender is so sweet.

Stay tuned every Sunday for another little glimpse into one of the stories. In February, I’ll be giving away some copies to celebrate the release.

Have a fantastic week!