Dangerous introductions #sixsunday #giveaway

We’re visiting The Circle again this week, my newest release with Cobblestone Press.  Devin has just been discovered smuggling Katharine into the Circle without his Sovereign’s permission.

“Why  have  you  not  yet  introduced  us?”  Malachi  blinked  out  and appeared beside me.

A tiny scream escaped my lips as I leapt away and gripped Devin’s  arm. He  angled  himself  toward  Malachi,  his  jaw  flexing.  “Offer  the sovereign your wrist, Katharine.”

I tilted my face toward Devin’s and pleaded with my eyes for him to do something.

Dun, dun, dun!  How will Katharine escape?  Or will she?


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Trouble #sixsunday

Since my latest naughty work has been released by Cobblestone Press, I thought I’d bring you another tidbit from The Circle.

This scene comes after Devin warned Katharine not to make a sound.  As she watches another woman receiving pleasure and pain from two men, Katharine’s pleading for a release of her own gets them into trouble she didn’t know they were in.

[Devin] leaned away and peered over the railing.

Whatever he saw caused him to shiver. “Fuck.”

The door clicked open behind him. The same silky voice I’d heard from Black Beauty down below drifted into our small space. “Did you really think you could sneak such a succulent morsel into my realm without my notice, Devin?”

Oh oh!  What will happen to them next?

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The demon mile-high club #sixsunday

As promised, here’s another juicy morsel from my I’ll Be Damned collection of short stories.  After lots of teasing and steamy play where he nailed her against the monkey bars, Pyro has finally released Qenna’s arms from her restraints.

I threw my arms around his neck as he took flight.  Each beat of his wings jerked his cock and stabbed him farther inside me.  My inner walls convulsed around him, readying for the impending explosion.  I breathed against his ear.  “You need to set us down or I’m going to come hard and take you with me.”  Coordinated or not, I didn’t want to take the chance we might plummet from the sky.

So, does that mean they belong to the mile high club now?  🙂  See you next week.

Coming November 23, 2011

Release day! #TheCircle #giveaway

Although The Circle is only a novella length work, this one took me a long time to write and perfect with the help of my stellar beta readers.  Love you guys!  This is one of the riskier pieces I’ve written, and I wasn’t sure how it would be received by the publishing world.  Apparently my hard work paid off, because they liked it as much as I did.



After many months of edits, cover designs and lots of waiting, release day has finally arrived.  To celebrate, I’m giving away an eBook copy of The Circle.  Free!  What do you have to do to enter?  Just leave a comment on this post by 8pm Thursday, December 1st.  On Friday the 2nd, I’ll draw a name and announce the winner.

Here it is:

Katharine Merrick’s easy life taught her nothing of passion. If the famous author is to learn, she needs a teacher.

Devin, an immortal, offers to enlighten her if she’ll attend a gathering of The Circle—a meeting of his brethren—as his submissive.

When Katharine is pushed beyond her sexual boundaries, the immortals discover she is a greater treasure than a mere companion for Devin. She is the key to their evolution.

They all want her.

She wants only one to have her, but it might cost Devin his life. Will Katharine relinquish her freedom to save his?

Available now at Cobblestone Press

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Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!



When fire and ice collide, you get steam #sixsunday

I know I promised you flying sex, but I like this little scene, too, and it comes first.  So, flying sex will come next week.  🙂

Using his own belt, Pyro has tied Qenna’s hands to the bee-hive-shaped monkey bars in the playground and relieved her of her clothes.

With his amused eyes rolled up to look at me, he slid a thick icicle over my breast.  He’d wrapped the pointed end in a few strips of cloth, probably to insulate it from his touch.  As the ice succumbed to my heat, the cool melt-water trickled down my stomach.

I whimpered when his hot tongue lapped up the stream in one long stroke that ended on my nipple.  The intense arousal hardened it further.

As he knelt before me like a fallen god with wings spread wide, he nudged my feet apart with his knees.

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Devil in the playground #sixsunday

This week I’ve skipped to story number two in the I’ll Be Damned collection, called Devil in the Playground.  Here we have Qenna (a naughty angel) and Pyro (an even naughtier demon) who just finished chasing one another all over the city.  After she challenged him to catch her, promising he could do anything he wanted with her, he’s finally succeeded.

His dark feathers spread out to shroud us from the falling snow, his face hovering an inch above mine.  “You’re at my mercy now,” he said with a grin.

I managed no more than a tiny whimper before he swallowed further protest with a crushing kiss.  His hips ground his ready state against my pelvis, rubbing the denim seam of my jeans against my tender bits.  Electricity crackled through me.  A purr rattled in my chest, and an answering growl vibrated in Pyro’s throat.

Next week I’ll bring you to their unorthodox use of a playground and, possibly, even flying sex.

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