Devil in the playground #sixsunday

This week I’ve skipped to story number two in the I’ll Be Damned collection, called Devil in the Playground.  Here we have Qenna (a naughty angel) and Pyro (an even naughtier demon) who just finished chasing one another all over the city.  After she challenged him to catch her, promising he could do anything he wanted with her, he’s finally succeeded.

His dark feathers spread out to shroud us from the falling snow, his face hovering an inch above mine.  “You’re at my mercy now,” he said with a grin.

I managed no more than a tiny whimper before he swallowed further protest with a crushing kiss.  His hips ground his ready state against my pelvis, rubbing the denim seam of my jeans against my tender bits.  Electricity crackled through me.  A purr rattled in my chest, and an answering growl vibrated in Pyro’s throat.

Next week I’ll bring you to their unorthodox use of a playground and, possibly, even flying sex.

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Angel in chains #sixsunday

I enjoyed last week so much, I scanned through Devil Be Mine for another tidbit to share with you.  This is a scene later in the story, when Delilah (the demon) has Micah (the angel) chained up in her dungeon-his favorite place in the world.

She’s fighting an internal battle between her growing love for her angel and the knowledge that she should keep her distance to keep Micah safe from Lucifer’s wrath if he ever discovered their trysts.


I slapped the crop across his ass with a satisfying smack, forcing a gasp from his lips.  His muscles corded, and he bucked as he always did while riding the pain.  My own endorphins surged through my veins like high proof whiskey at his display of ecstasy.  After he fell still again, I bit along the backs of his thighs, sliding my knees between his feet under the shadow of his wings.

“Please, mistress!”  A tremble rushed along his back and his feathers spread out to make room for me.


I hope you enjoyed my six!  Hopefully this collection will soon be available at an erotic publisher – I just have to finish the last story.

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The Circle continued #sixsunday

I thought we’d continue on from the scene last week.  Devin has told Katharine that if she makes a sound, he won’t allow her a release.

Before I could retort, his hands slipped beneath my skirt and cupped my ass. My breath stalled somewhere in the depths of my throat. His knee wedged between mine and wiggled until I had no choice but to open to him. The sudden exposure to the air and thoughts of him quenching the raging inferno in my abdomen stripped me down to my primal instincts. By a tiny thread, I held on to the order to remain silent, to avoid being left in torment again.

“You like this, don’t you, Katharine?”

Ooo, he is naughty, isn’t he?  See you next week!

Coming soon from Cobblestone Press

The Circle Cover Reveal

I finally received my cover for The Circle, my latest novella soon to be released by Cobblestone Press.  This little lovely will be coming out some time in November.

Here’s the unofficial blurb:

Katharine Merrick’s easy life taught her nothing of passion.  If the famous author is to learn, she needs a teacher.

Devin, an immortal, offers to enlighten her if she’ll attend a gathering of The Circle—a meeting of his brethren—as his submissive.

When Katharine is pushed beyond her sexual boundaries, the immortals discover she is a greater treasure than a mere companion for Devin.  She is the key to their evolution.

They all want her.

She wants only one to have her, but it might cost Devin his life. 

Will Katharine relinquish her freedom to save his?


This is a paranormal romance with elements of BDSM and menage

I’m excited to share this one with you soon.

You want me to do what? #sixsunday #thecircle

This week I’m offering another taste of the naughty Devin as he tries to teach Katharine what it means to submit.  This is from The Circle, soon to be published with Cobblestone Press.

“What?” I yanked against my confinement, grunting with the effort. “Someone could walk in any second.”

“Mmm, that they can.” His breath cooled my chin a moment before he nibbled on it. “Exciting, isn’t it?”

I hope you enjoyed.  See you next week!  😉

The Circle #sixsunday

This week’s six comes from my novella, The Circle, soon to be published with Cobblestone Press.

He slipped something into the pocket of my dress pants.  His fingers slid along my hip bone as he withdrew his hand, causing a lightning bolt to shoot into the growing fire between my legs.  “You must come as my submissive, and that, Mistress Katharine with a K, is not negotiable.”

Devin moved away, smoothed a hand down his suit and winked at me before walking away.  Mouth gaped open, my eyes followed the gracefulness of his stride and the way his pants hugged his firm ass.  Every part of me he’d touched danced with tingles.

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The Masterful Mr. Tate #sixsunday

This week’s six comes from the new novella I’m writing, The Masterful Mr. Tate.

“I’ll enjoy knowing you’re wearing my hand print for the rest of the day,” Asher said.  After he straightened my skirt back into place, he tugged me back a few steps with an arm looped around my waist while I fought the rush of endorphins having a party in my flesh.  “Off with you now.”  He patted my behind over the sore spot he’d made and swung the door open.

I exited his office on wobbling legs.  A glance over my shoulder revealed him watching me with a grin.

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