Fire and Ice #sixsunday #erotica

sixsundayheaderWelcome back to some naughty Sunday nibbles.  This week we’re into story number two in my I’ll Be Damned collection.

Qenna, the black sheep of the angels, has just thwarted one of Pyro’s attempts to spread chaos among the human.  He’s a demon, and now he’s pissed and noticing for the first time that Qenna is a spicy little number he wouldn’t mind taking a nibble of himself.  Since they both have wings, their chase takes place in the night sky.

“Better fly faster, little sparrow.”  [Pyro’s] snicker filled the air and tickled along my skin as I reoriented myself to search for him.  “I can take you any time I want.  You know you’re no match for me, don’t you?”

The heated promise in his words made me wetter than Lake Superior.  “Why don’t you stop screwing around and prove it, then?” I said.

Oh, yum.  If I were Qenna, I’m not sure I’d have been trying so hard to get away.  😉

Don’t forget to click on the logo at the top to see the other participants.  Cheers, and see you next week!


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