The Circle #sixsunday

Welcome back!  I hope you had a terrific holiday and Santa brought you lots of naughty books to read.  I’m continuing with The Circle this week.  Enjoy!

Heat   spiraled   down   my   chest   and   ignited   the   need   between   my legs. My hands explored the firm topography of [Devin’s] back, everything else forgotten.

“Are  you  ready  to  be  mine,  Katharine?”  Devin  lifted  my  wrist   to his mouth, my desire reflected in his flickering eyes. His fangs extended farther as his tongue darted out between them, licking a wet line from my inner elbow to my palm.

I’d never wanted anything  so much  in  my life as I wanted him inside me.

Ooh, he’s such a naughty immortal.  ::shivers::  He can lick me like that any time.  🙂



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