Trouble #sixsunday

Since my latest naughty work has been released by Cobblestone Press, I thought I’d bring you another tidbit from The Circle.

This scene comes after Devin warned Katharine not to make a sound.  As she watches another woman receiving pleasure and pain from two men, Katharine’s pleading for a release of her own gets them into trouble she didn’t know they were in.

[Devin] leaned away and peered over the railing.

Whatever he saw caused him to shiver. “Fuck.”

The door clicked open behind him. The same silky voice I’d heard from Black Beauty down below drifted into our small space. “Did you really think you could sneak such a succulent morsel into my realm without my notice, Devin?”

Oh oh!  What will happen to them next?

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the participants by clicking on the logo below.  See you next week!

Available now from Cobblestone Press


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