The demon mile-high club #sixsunday

As promised, here’s another juicy morsel from my I’ll Be Damned collection of short stories.  After lots of teasing and steamy play where he nailed her against the monkey bars, Pyro has finally released Qenna’s arms from her restraints.

I threw my arms around his neck as he took flight.  Each beat of his wings jerked his cock and stabbed him farther inside me.  My inner walls convulsed around him, readying for the impending explosion.  I breathed against his ear.  “You need to set us down or I’m going to come hard and take you with me.”  Coordinated or not, I didn’t want to take the chance we might plummet from the sky.

So, does that mean they belong to the mile high club now?  🙂  See you next week.

Coming November 23, 2011


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