Release day! #TheCircle #giveaway

Although The Circle is only a novella length work, this one took me a long time to write and perfect with the help of my stellar beta readers.  Love you guys!  This is one of the riskier pieces I’ve written, and I wasn’t sure how it would be received by the publishing world.  Apparently my hard work paid off, because they liked it as much as I did.



After many months of edits, cover designs and lots of waiting, release day has finally arrived.  To celebrate, I’m giving away an eBook copy of The Circle.  Free!  What do you have to do to enter?  Just leave a comment on this post by 8pm Thursday, December 1st.  On Friday the 2nd, I’ll draw a name and announce the winner.

Here it is:

Katharine Merrick’s easy life taught her nothing of passion. If the famous author is to learn, she needs a teacher.

Devin, an immortal, offers to enlighten her if she’ll attend a gathering of The Circle—a meeting of his brethren—as his submissive.

When Katharine is pushed beyond her sexual boundaries, the immortals discover she is a greater treasure than a mere companion for Devin. She is the key to their evolution.

They all want her.

She wants only one to have her, but it might cost Devin his life. Will Katharine relinquish her freedom to save his?

Available now at Cobblestone Press

Click here to get your copy

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!




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