Devil in the playground #sixsunday

This week I’ve skipped to story number two in the I’ll Be Damned collection, called Devil in the Playground.  Here we have Qenna (a naughty angel) and Pyro (an even naughtier demon) who just finished chasing one another all over the city.  After she challenged him to catch her, promising he could do anything he wanted with her, he’s finally succeeded.

His dark feathers spread out to shroud us from the falling snow, his face hovering an inch above mine.  “You’re at my mercy now,” he said with a grin.

I managed no more than a tiny whimper before he swallowed further protest with a crushing kiss.  His hips ground his ready state against my pelvis, rubbing the denim seam of my jeans against my tender bits.  Electricity crackled through me.  A purr rattled in my chest, and an answering growl vibrated in Pyro’s throat.

Next week I’ll bring you to their unorthodox use of a playground and, possibly, even flying sex.

See you next week.  😉  Don’t forget to check out the other participants.  Just click on the logo below.

Coming November 23


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