Angel in chains #sixsunday

I enjoyed last week so much, I scanned through Devil Be Mine for another tidbit to share with you.  This is a scene later in the story, when Delilah (the demon) has Micah (the angel) chained up in her dungeon-his favorite place in the world.

She’s fighting an internal battle between her growing love for her angel and the knowledge that she should keep her distance to keep Micah safe from Lucifer’s wrath if he ever discovered their trysts.


I slapped the crop across his ass with a satisfying smack, forcing a gasp from his lips.  His muscles corded, and he bucked as he always did while riding the pain.  My own endorphins surged through my veins like high proof whiskey at his display of ecstasy.  After he fell still again, I bit along the backs of his thighs, sliding my knees between his feet under the shadow of his wings.

“Please, mistress!”  A tremble rushed along his back and his feathers spread out to make room for me.


I hope you enjoyed my six!  Hopefully this collection will soon be available at an erotic publisher – I just have to finish the last story.

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