The Circle continued #sixsunday

I thought we’d continue on from the scene last week.  Devin has told Katharine that if she makes a sound, he won’t allow her a release.

Before I could retort, his hands slipped beneath my skirt and cupped my ass. My breath stalled somewhere in the depths of my throat. His knee wedged between mine and wiggled until I had no choice but to open to him. The sudden exposure to the air and thoughts of him quenching the raging inferno in my abdomen stripped me down to my primal instincts. By a tiny thread, I held on to the order to remain silent, to avoid being left in torment again.

“You like this, don’t you, Katharine?”

Ooo, he is naughty, isn’t he?  See you next week!

Coming soon from Cobblestone Press


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