Six Sunday – For Now and Always #sixsunday

Here’s another teaser from my novella, For Now and Always.  Anyone who leaves a comment this week will be eligible to win a free eBook copy!  I’ll choose a random winner next Friday, September 23rd.  Please make sure to leave me a way to reach you (Goodreads, twitter, website address, email, etc.)  Good luck.

All of  the  little hairs  on my body took notice, every nerve dancing. I placed my hand over (Ren’s), drew one of his fingers into my mouth and sucked, my hips rising and falling  faster, the friction building between my legs again.
He  rolled  us  with  a  sudden  burst  of  power  and  moved  on top of  me. Caressing my face, Ren slowed his body, pushing into me all the way before  withdrawing.  He  kissed  me,  a  gentle  touch  full  of  the  same  affection I found in his jewel eyes, a truth no words could convey. Time  ceased to exist as we moved to the rhythm of the world, one where only  he and I existed.

Available now at Cobblestone Press


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