Erotica up for grabs

It’s Monday morning.  The beginning of another long and dreary weak of work and chores and running around.  Suppers need to be made.  Kids need to be delivered to swimming and music lessons and whatnot.  Bosses need reports and people to yell at.

Sound familiar?  Feel like crawling back into bed yet?


Then I have a treat for you.  One that can take you into a fantasy for an evening, maybe take your mind off whatever life is throwing at you for a while.

Here’s what I’m offering.  An eBook copy of my Novella, For Now and Always:

Keeta doesn’t understand why her father despises the Brendi, a clan of shape-shifting cheetahs who inhabit the valley beyond their village, nor why he treats her like a stain on his precious council robe. When she gives in to her forbidden desire for Ren, a majestic Brendi she’s been sneaking out for months to watch, the truth she unearths about her mother’s death will devastate her.

That Ren knew about Keeta’s past and didn’t reveal it drives her away. If she can survive her heartbreak and forgive Ren, she’ll discover the love and belonging she’s always wanted.

All you have to do to be eligible is leave a comment on this post to say hi.

On Friday, I’ll choose a random winner from the posters.

Good luck!


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